Today, nearly 90 million American 
households cannot access solar power.

Renters, low-income consumers, and homes without enough sun are effectively locked out of the market for rooftop solar panels.

Community shared solar is changing the game. Now anyone can secure a share of a large-scale solar farm. And they can do it while supporting their community.


That's where we come in.


Solar power to share.

Solstice Initiative works with its partners to build community solar arrays in which everyone can easily participate.



Bolstering community. 

We then partner with community organizations like churches, workplaces, and schools to offer solar power to their constituents. Any home can sign up—no rooftop required.


A greener way to save.

Homes that sign up for community shared solar will start saving money on their electricity bills each month—and support clean energy in the process. 


Together, we're building solar neighborhoods.